Manhaj as-Salikeen – 2012-2014 (2 YEAR free fiqh course)

This is a concise book in fiqh; it deals with the most important matters in fiqh. It is a good book to start with for a student of knowledge who will be introduced to the subject for the first time; it does not go into much detail or into the difference of opinions. It is written in such a way that understanding of it is easy for beginners.

It was written by the great Sheikh ‘Abdul Rahmaan bin Nasir as-Sa’adi (d. 1376). He was prominent jurist, exegete, and grammarian with a great interest in poetry. He was extremely intelligent and had memorized the Qur’an by the age of eleven after which he devoted himself to studying under the scholars of his land, by the age of twenty-three he was already teaching. He devoted himself entirely to learning and teaching until he became the leading religious authority in the land, with students of knowledge flocking to him from all regions. The author was an expert in fiqh and usul-ul-fiqh, initially he was Hanbali in madhab, and then he progressed in his studies by studying the works of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyum and no longer restricted himself to the Hanbali School. However he would never censure or look down upon those who followed a particular school of thought. He contributed many works in different subjects, the most of celebrated of them: Taysir al-Karim al-Mannan in exegesis; Manhaj as-Salikeen a primer in fiqh. His students include Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih al-Uthaymeen and Sheikh ‘Abdullah bin ‘Aqil. This book has had a two volume commentary by Sheikh ‘Abdullah bin Jibrin entitled as Ibhaaj ul-Mu’mineen.

We will be covering the Chapters on ‘Ibadaat inshaa-Allah.